Hutch Tents Ontario 4 Roof Top Tent With Skylights

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  • Product Description
Product Description

The Ontario 4 is a premium-quality, durable, and lightweight camping tent with a skylight that can accommodate the entire family. It will fit onto any framed-out trailer, SUV, or truck with ease.

Camping in 4 Seasons with a Rooftop Tent

Don’t let the weather dictate your outdoor adventures! With the large 3 – 5 person Ontario 4, you’ll be camping cozy and secure no matter the season. This rooftop tent comes with a skylight too. Rest easy atop your car and gaze at the stars in the sky with the built-in skylights. Heck, if you are camping in a lush forest it will almost feel like a treehouse!

Secure and luxurious with a soft shell rooftop design and high-density foam mattress, this spacious 3 to 5-person roof top tent offers the ideal setting for a night of peaceful, rejuvenating, and restful sleep.

Suitable for all types of weather, it’s the perfect 4 season rooftop tent that will make your adventure a memorable one. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to dig into your action-packed outdoor activities for the day. You’ll fall so in love with the tent and skylight that you’ll soon put it up in your backyard for those nights when you’re wishing for a fuss-free and fun change!

Advantages of the Ontario 4 Roof Top Tent with Skylights

It offers a plethora of benefits for any type of outdoor adventure, including but not limited to:

  • The soft shell rooftop design
  • High-density foam mattress
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Option of an Annex included
  • Suitable for four people

This premium 5-person rooftop tent has been designed to accommodate a family of four with luxe comfort, as well as any furry friends you want to bring along for the trip! Be it camping or Overlanding trips with your friends and family, count on the ultimate shelter and comfort of this 4-5 person roof top tent.

Plus, with built-in skylights and the resulting enhanced view, the Ontario 4 doubles the fun quotient as you fall asleep, counting the magnificent stars above. Moreover, with its elevation, this 4-season rooftop tent offers protection from soaking wet ground and keeps you safer from creepy crawling insects and animals, compared to ground tents.

Not only does this tent deliver in terms of size, but this rooftop tent offers a range of qualities that make it an excellent choice. This includes the durable and strong aluminum frame, as well as the comfortable high-density foam mattress, which will make you feel like you are sleeping at home. Comfort is assured.

The high-quality rooftop tent and the canopy have also been created to provide ultimate protection, ensuring you are safeguarded from UV rays, mildew, mold, and rain.

When purchasing the Ontario 4-season rooftop tent from Hutch Tents, you have the option of splitting the cost into manageable monthly payments. What are you waiting for!? Start adventuring today!

Technical Specs

Model: Ontario 4
Seasons: 4 season
Sleeping Capacity: 4-5 person
Weight: 145 pounds
Packed Size: 65″W x 50″L x 11″H 
Open Size: 65″W x 122″L x 50″H
Sleeping Size:  65″W x 94″L
Base: Aluminum frame, joists, sheets, and insulated foam
Internal Frame: Aluminum poles
Mattress: High-density foam 2.5″ thick with wash cover

Anti Condensation Mat

Included under the mattress

Ladder: Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder
Canopy Fabric: High-quality rip-stop 420 D poly canvas W/R, waterproof 2000mm, mold and mildew proof, and UV protection
Rain Fly Fabric: 420-denier polyurethane coated polyester
Travel Cover: Heavy duty 680g/12000D PVC
Annex Material: 420-denier polyurethane coated polyester (sold separately)


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