Top Hard Shell Roof Top Tents for sale

The following guide will provide a compilation of information about the market’s best hard shell roof top tents for sale. We’ll go through a variety of tent characteristics so that at the conclusion of this article, you’ll know which hard shell roof top tent is ideal for you.

The first portion will concentrate on the capacity or number of people. These might be for four people, three people, two people, or even one person. Next we’ll evaluate the most deluxe and premium hard shell rooftop tent to the least expensive one.

Next we’ll evaluate the most deluxe and premium hard shell rooftop tent to the least expensive one. Then we’ll go into the materials used to make the shells of these tents, so you can grasp the benefits and downsides, as well as why one would be better for you than another. Finally, we’ll look at the three different sorts of hard shell rooftop tent models available.

Feel free to use the jump links section to skip forward to the section or model that interests you. Nonetheless, we strongly advise you to go through this entire guide so that you may make the best-educated decision when it comes time to purchase your hard-shell rooftop tent.

4 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 hard shell rooftop tent is one of the greatest, if not the best, in the world. The globe, you read that correctly. iKamper manufactures their tents in South Korea, at their own headquarters and manufacturing, where they ensure thorough quality control. They were also the first firm to create the side-opening hard shell rooftop tent, gaining the Red Dot award for its innovative and ergonomic design.

Most hard shell rooftop tents have the issue or constraint of not being able to store a lot of bedding inside. The Skycamp 3.0 hardshell roof top tent addresses this issue. It allows you to completely remove or detach the canvas, leaving a 9″ area within the shells when closed, which is more than adequate to store bedding like blankets or sleeping bags.

In terms of sleeping improvements, we now have a thicker, more comfortable mattress. The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 hard shell rooftop tent has a king-sized mattress that can comfortably sleep four people. The mattress has a 9-zone comfort design and is 2.55 inches thick, sitting on top of an insulated aluminum floor panel. Not only is the mattress comfy, but the sleeping concept behind the tent is great; you’ll be kept warm at all times.

OVS Bushveld 4 Person Hardshell Roof Top Tent

The Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, like the first tent on our list, is a side opening tent with enough capacity to comfortably sleep four people. It just takes 60 seconds to open or close because it is a hardshell. It comes with four latches that can be simply removed and reattached to make the deployment procedure more easier.

OVS was wise in focusing primarily on the design in order for the Bushveld to stand out. Let’s start with the two nylon straps with grab grips on the tent’s sides, which make it much easier to open and close. Finally, on the interior, there’s a skylight or roof support bar that pulls up the fabric on the far top of the tent, providing height. It will be easier for you to move about within.

Additional features include a telescopic ladder and two boot bags or shoe bags for leaving shoes outside but within reach while climbing up and down the ladder. The tent also includes the option of installing an annex, which is not available on other hard shell tents.

Tuff Stuff Alpha 4 Hardshell

The Tuff Stuff Alpha 4 is the last option on the list of side opening hard shell roof top tents. Further information about side opening tents may be found in the section below. Now for the important part: the Tuff Stuff Alpha 4 hard shell roof top tent.

The canvas of the Alpha is comprised of a breathable 280g poly-cotton ripstop in an attractive and earthy green hue, and the rainfly is 210D poly-oxford PU coated for 5000mm. To put it another way, it’s not as thick as the two predecessors stated above (canvas or rainfly wise), but it’s more breathable, which might be beneficial during the warmer months. Nevertheless, it is still waterproof.

Are you concerned about the next winter? Don’t be that way. The shells are composed of ABS plastic and reinforced with FRP to provide insulation. The floor is composed of honeycomb high strength metal on the outside, which protects against dents and scratches and adds extra insulation. As a result, this is a four-season roof top tent.

The Tuff Stuff Alpha 4 hard shell roof top tent opens just on the passenger side of your car and weights 175 pounds, which is comparable to other tents in this class. Some of the optional accessories include a huge shoe bag that can be hung directly next to the telescopic ladder.

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